5 Amazing Reasons Why I Love Coffee



October 1 is International Coffee Day. Last year, the International Coffee Organization comprising 77 member states launched its initial celebration. This year 2016, the second global event to honor men and women who grow, harvest and prepare coffee that we all love to drink will be celebrated with different forms of events.

To celebrate International Kape Day t, I am writing my first post in this website with a hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay.

Why I love coffee? I will give you 5 amazing reasons:

  1. It awakens my brain cells.

When I wake up, my dreamy self craves something hot and strong. Hmmm, just the thought of steamy cup of coffee makes me feel good. I need it to kick my creative mind so it can produce ideas and help me begin my writing tasks.  I remember reading that coffee naturally inhibits “adenosine”, the brain chemical which induces sleepiness. One cup is a necessity in the morning. The warm sensation that it creates taps my energy, relaxes my soul and satisfies my stomach while waiting for breakfast.

coffee 2

  1. I love the aroma

One of the most wonderful smells in the world for me is the aroma of coffee. This is why I love coffee shops. Just the aroma triggers a sense of satiety. Of course, sipping a hot or cold coffee inside is a perfect bliss! There is something comforting inside coffee shops. There is a feeling of coziness and friendliness which attract people to meet and date over a cup of coffee

According to research, coffee has over 800 compounds. One of them is “hetrocyclic compound” which produces strong distinct taste and aroma. This compound influences human scent receptors and stimulate memories, emotions and wakefulness.

  1. I need coffee breaks

Coffee gives me an excuse to get away from my laptop and take a break. Since I am working at home, it is a good excuse to go out and meet some friends. It feels good to enjoy coffee while having “juicy” conversations with them.

coffee 3

  1. It’s a pretty thing to post

Well, isn’t it nice to post a selfie while having coffee or “instagramming” a lovely photo of coffee? Coffee is the most loved subject in Instagram with more than 29 million hashtags and still counting. I couldn’t resist taking a snap when my latte coffee has heart-shaped foam or leaf-pattern on top!


  1. It has lots of healthy benefits

It is rich in antioxidants which protects us from cancer and heart disease. Drinking coffee in moderation (equal to 2-8 ounce servings) lowers heart failure risk by 11%.

It protects us from type-2 diabetes by increasing plasma level that controls the release of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). These hormones play vital role in the development of dreaded disease.

It burns fats! Oh, this is the best. Coffee is said to burn fats by 10% for obese people and 29% for slim ones.

And check this video to appreciate this beverage more.

Cheers to all coffee lovers! Have a sip and enjoy your coffee!


Video via YouTube/International Coffee Organization  Photos are mine


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