The Spirit World



The spirit world is the home of souls, spirits or supernatural entities. It is believed that during solstice, the physical and spirit world are very near to each other. It is the time when humans can go to spirit world and entities can manifest themselves in our world. Man can also communicate to their departed loved ones through a medium who has the ability to call spirits in the other realm during this period.

The spirit world is also called heaven. It a beautiful, peaceful dwelling place for enlightened spirits. It a mystical dimension where the cycle of beginning and ending is in constant motion. In spirit world, everything is timeless.

The spirit world was created a long time ago, billions of years before humans were created by God. Every person on earth was once a formless spirit in the spirit world. It is believed that when the spirit is ready to undergo a human cycle, it is given a unique life path based on its karma.  The Law of Karma decides what kind of life the spirit will have.  When spirit begins life on earth, he undergoes a normal human cycle. The memory of his former dwelling fades. A new pattern of thoughts is formed as he grows old.

There are billions of spirits which are sent to the world to live. Jesus was the only spirit-person who was created to dwell among men and save good people from sins. He was anointed as King and Son of God. Jesus lived on earth with divine mission to spread the love of God. HE suffered for the salvation of souls.


There are two zones in the spirit world – light and darkness. They are both energy.

The light is love.



The darkness is selfishness, wickedness and ego.


To save spirits from demotion and engulfed by darkness, God created human forms to become the reservoirs of spirits. Spirits who gain good karma after several lives become enlightened souls. And when they die as enlightened persons, their spirits become sacred and cannot be corrupted by darkness.


The spirit world has 3 major formless entities:

  • Angels – They are the original spirits who choose to enter human bodies to avoid darkness. They are allowed to transform into sacred spirits after physical sufferings. When they become humans, their inner spirits or souls are safe from darkness. However, they can be tempted by selfishness and arrogance acts that they may manifest on earth.



  • Sacred Spirits – They are the archangels. They die as enlightened souls. They are also known as holy spirits, guardian angels or spirit guides. They are guardians of spirits who become humans.



  • Demons – They are the lower entities that darkness has corrupted from the group of original spirits.



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