HELLO 2017- “I Am Ready For You”


Happy New Year World!

A New Year for me is a chance to make my life better for the next 365 days or 52 weeks. It offers fresh hopes to pursue my dreams and goals. This is why at the end of the year, I opted to be quiet and made a personal review of what “has been” in 2016.

2016 was a good year for me.



I had moments of struggles as a single mother sending my precious son to college but managed to pass them all.  Thanks to special angels in my life-my parents and sisters who supported my efforts to continue making this priority-goal going well as well as my lady bosses Nizza and Judith who gave me opportunity to earn while pursuing my writing passion. Of course, everything comes from the GOD who showered me with great personal favors. My prayers were all answered – according to HIS will. HE even gave me bonus – a special “amore” somewhere in the soil of Italy.



I also started blogging. I was hesitant before because I might reveal my personal feelings here which I did in my personal journals (have lots of them!) but then I learned to detach a little while revealing more of my personal journeys without too much drama hahaha! Now, I am enjoying it- the composition part, the interaction and exchange of comments with other bloggers and yes, the learning that I got from all the seasoned writers/bloggers out there.



There were opportunities to go back to media mainstream but I guess, last year was not the perfect timing to go back to radio broadcast or start a special “magazine” project with friends. I also believe that when it is meant to happen- it flows naturally and smoothly.



So, 2017 is a year of blossoming for me. A year of shedding off pounds (LOL), fears, doubts and negativity. I did not make resolutions for this year. I am not good in keeping them anyway. I am planning my 52 weeks personal-professional journey. I am planning my 365 days of “everything”. I have lots of “special” projects in my hands which I started in 2016. I know there will be lots of “new” things and situations that will come this 2017. I know at this point of my life-I can say positively say “I Am Ready!”




The Spirit World



The spirit world is the home of souls, spirits or supernatural entities. It is believed that during solstice, the physical and spirit world are very near to each other. It is the time when humans can go to spirit world and entities can manifest themselves in our world. Man can also communicate to their departed loved ones through a medium who has the ability to call spirits in the other realm during this period.

The spirit world is also called heaven. It a beautiful, peaceful dwelling place for enlightened spirits. It a mystical dimension where the cycle of beginning and ending is in constant motion. In spirit world, everything is timeless.

The spirit world was created a long time ago, billions of years before humans were created by God. Every person on earth was once a formless spirit in the spirit world. It is believed that when the spirit is ready to undergo a human cycle, it is given a unique life path based on its karma.  The Law of Karma decides what kind of life the spirit will have.  When spirit begins life on earth, he undergoes a normal human cycle. The memory of his former dwelling fades. A new pattern of thoughts is formed as he grows old.

There are billions of spirits which are sent to the world to live. Jesus was the only spirit-person who was created to dwell among men and save good people from sins. He was anointed as King and Son of God. Jesus lived on earth with divine mission to spread the love of God. HE suffered for the salvation of souls.


There are two zones in the spirit world – light and darkness. They are both energy.

The light is love.



The darkness is selfishness, wickedness and ego.


To save spirits from demotion and engulfed by darkness, God created human forms to become the reservoirs of spirits. Spirits who gain good karma after several lives become enlightened souls. And when they die as enlightened persons, their spirits become sacred and cannot be corrupted by darkness.


The spirit world has 3 major formless entities:

  • Angels – They are the original spirits who choose to enter human bodies to avoid darkness. They are allowed to transform into sacred spirits after physical sufferings. When they become humans, their inner spirits or souls are safe from darkness. However, they can be tempted by selfishness and arrogance acts that they may manifest on earth.



  • Sacred Spirits – They are the archangels. They die as enlightened souls. They are also known as holy spirits, guardian angels or spirit guides. They are guardians of spirits who become humans.



  • Demons – They are the lower entities that darkness has corrupted from the group of original spirits.



Next: Meeting Your Spirit Guides (Part 2 of Spirit World series)


Create Your Own Happiness


I believe that happiness is a personal choice so I always choose to be happy instead of being grumpy. Of course, not all days are easy and stress-free but I learn not to allow negativity affects my entire being. I learn to smile through pains, laugh my stress away and create my own happiness.

Creating happiness is not magic. It starts by being responsible for your own happiness and working to attain it. Imagine yourself as the author of your own life story. How would you like your story to unfold or to end? I guess, you want a wonderful, fun and meaningful life story. Everyone does.

Simple secrets to create your own happiness:



Accepting who you are, your imperfections, your strengths, your mistakes and achievements is the key to happiness. Understanding yourself brings awareness of what you want, what you have and what you can share. Happiness is not only about receiving, it’s also about giving.




You have a string of achievements. Celebrate your victory- minor and major. List them down. Make a journal or album of success. Display your accomplishments in one part of your goal. Create a blog.




Display your favorite happy quote, photo or any object that makes you smile in your workplace. Hang pictures of place you want to visit. Wear your lucky charms. Place motivating books beside you where you can draw instant boost of inspiration when you need it.




Rediscover your long-lost passion. Look back and find out what makes you happy in the past. Is it writing, painting or teaching? Your childhood dreams usually are bridges to your life’s purpose. Seek and discover it again.




Get out of your comfort zone. Success happens outside your comfortable haven. Experience new things, meet new people, create new goals and enjoy the challenge of the unknown. Overcome your fears and embrace life with confidence.




Life is beautiful. Enjoying it every day does not require a lot of efforts. You can do your usual routine, incorporate something new and modify your method as you pursue your goals. Live one day at a time purposely. Live mindfully. Give your best shot every day. Create an impact. Do things that make you happy. If you fail, don’t fret, there is always tomorrow to make amends. If you are afraid, pray and have faith.

  • LOVE



Happiness comes from love. Nurture your loving spirit. Demonstrate your love. Love yourself. Love others. Love your work. Be the vessel of love.

So, get your pen and start creating new happy chapters in your life. One day at a time…..



Photos & Qoutes via Pinterest/Quoutesgram (edited)