Today is El Dia E!



TODAY is El Día E or Spanish Language Day.

UNESCO declared October 12 every year as Spanish Language Day to celebrate its important role in multilingualism as well as cultural diversity. Spanish is one of six official UN languages.

Spanish is a rich language spoken by many people in the world. About 500 million people in Latin America, Europe, Africa and other continents speak this rich language. It has become the je jure (de facto) language of twenty sovereign nations and one dependent state which is Puerto Rico.

The celebration coincides with National Day of Spain which commemorates Christopher Columbus discovery of America.


Some cool facts about Spanish Language:

  • Elio Antonio de Nebrija created the 1st Spanish grammar. It was published in 1492, the same year Columbus arrived in America
  • It is the language with 2 names- español and castellano.
  • Mexico tops the list of nations with Spanish-speaking people (114 million) followed by US (50 million).
  • Electroencefalografista is the longest Spanish word in Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE) with 23 characters.
  • de” is the most commonly-used Spanish term.
  • The longest Spanish two-syllable word is “menstrual” (mens-trual).


So, how well do you know Spanish?

  • Hello-      Hola
  • Amor-      Love
  • Te Amo – I Love You
  • Good morning – Buenos días
  • Good afternoon- Buenas tardes
  • Good evening- Buenas noches
  • How are you? – ¿Cómo está usted?
  • Goodbye – Adiós.
  • See you later- Hasta luego.
  • Excuse me – Con permiso or Perdóname
  • Please- Por favor.
  • I’m sorry- Lo siento.
  • Yes -Sí.
  • No- No.
  • Who? – ¿Quièn?
  • Why? – ¿Por què?
  • Goodluck – Buena suerte

Gracias (thank you) everyone! Salud (bless you)! Happy El Día E!


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