TIME is….


Time is gold.

An old, famous line which is essential as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.


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Time is a gift

It is precious daily package of 24 hours from God. Everyone has a fair share every day. No one has more than the other. It is for us to utilize to make our lives better.


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Time is free but priceless

We use it without cost. But wasting your time can cost you a fortune, a relationship, a great opportunity and a chance to fulfill your destiny.


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Time is part of everything we do.

Like the love we share, the passion we pursue, the purpose we seek, the work we do and the dreams we chase.


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It’s about time!

To wake up, work on our goals, achieve our dreams, enjoy our relationships and live life to the fullest.



45 Letters to Myself # 1

Dearest Me


Dearest Me,

Hello. I know that soon you will be turning a year older. Are you excited or scared?

For 44 years, we are always together. Sometimes, I am your best friend and I tolerate your weakness. Most of the times, I am your worst enemy and push your forward to get you out of your comfort zone. Well of course, you cannot avoid me because you and I are the same. You and I know that we will always be one.

So, let me give you reasons to celebrate your 45th year with a BIG smile:

  • It’s okay to be 45

Age is just a number so don’t be sad that you are getting older as long as your heart is young and in love! Well, not just romantically but full of love for people who make you smile every day.  For people who are with every day. Be thankful for their love, support and appreciation throughout the years. Cherish them, appreciate them and spend quality time with them. Be thankful that you are here, alive and healthy. Be thankful for your life. It is a gift that is not given to all. So, wake up each morning with gratitude and enjoy your day.



  • You have 45 new things to accomplish in your new bucket list

Isn’t it nice to think that as your age increases, your bucket list grows? Well, you can have 45 opportunities to do what you want and achieve your goals. I know that at this junction of your life, you are more ready to pursue your dreams. You have regained your confidence. You know better. You have learned your lessons.

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I can cite lots of reasons but I will be writing you more letters so expect that you will be receiving more. It is my way of showing that you can always count of me. I am always here to remind you, push you, pull you and torture you just to do the right thing always.

I believe that you have found your real purpose. This is why you are eager to wake up every morning and start your day. You now plan each day, each week and each month. You become more organized, disciplined and determined. You know what you want, where to go and how to fast-track your life’s goals now.

And I am happy for you. Until then.


Amazing Eleanor